This guide is for you if:


  • You identify as POWERFUL WOMAN who is called to help others .
  • You are a Health and Wellness expert or a life-coach, someone whose service is to help others with personal transformation.
  • You’re feeling stuck with your coaching business and you are ready to elevate your results and the results of your clients.


Are you ALL three? If so, get ready.


In this guide, you’ll discover the three components you must address if you are ever going to have a sustainable coaching business that serves people at a high level, that allows you to command the rates you are worthy of, and to have clients begging you for a spot on your calendar!

Only read this guide if you’re ready to put in the hard work and dedication to break through your barriers, so that you can finally create the impact you know you are capable of, and so that you can finally get into the FREEDOM zone.


NOTE: If you do not identify as a WOMAN, you can still read this guide and get the benefits from the content I’m sharing, but our community is FEMALE-ONLY for a few reasons you’ll learn more about later on in this guide. If you do not currently have a business, most of the problems I will share will not be your problems, but you can still read this guide for informational purposes.




Sara is a mom of two young boys living in New Mexico. On paper life looks good but her heart is aching. Sara KNOWS she’s supposed to help more people, create a bigger impact, and make more money. She KNOWS she’s a powerful woman and has been exploring tons of different ways she could use that power.  At the end of the day she wants to make an impact, and feel truly fulfilled.


She came across an opportunity to become a life coach after attending a few events and was feeling so pumped up from all the hype at the event that she registered for a training and was excited to get her business started. After all, look at how AMAZING these other coaches are doing. It can’t be that hard, right?!


But little did she know, getting consistent clients was way harder than what they made out to be, she was trained on how to do the coaching but NOT how to really grow her business, and when Sara did get clients, she really didn’t feel like she was totally rocking their world. She was definitely helping them, but rocking their world? Not so much.


It started with a bit of frustration, she just thought she was a bit stuck. But it quickly developed into a feeling in her gut that she was on the wrong path. That doubt shattered her confidence and she ended up just feeling broken, alone, and fed up. She was still financially dependent on other people and felt like the clock was ticking in terms of how long she could keep that up.


When she tried to get help from people she knew in the field, honestly, it just made her feel worse. She felt her work relationships were almost all fake. When she’d open her heart up to them and share her struggles, they’d act like  she wasn’t successful yet, because something was wrong with her and that her mindset just needed to change. It sucked that now they thought less of her because she had humbled herself enough to ask for help


Sara needed to change things up, QUICK. She didn’t want to just let time pass by, get a few clients here and there, but still be wandering aimlessly for a career path that wouldn’t be economically or emotionally sustainable. Sara was TIRED of trying this thing or that thing, this tip or that trick, this Facebook coaching support group or that online webinar promising a million dollar funnel,  only to continue struggling, feeling totally isolated and far from the center of her purpose and passion, which is what she wanted the MOST.




Does any part of Sara’s story resonate with you or anything you’ve experienced? If so, keep reading.


We see this happening all the time with women who are powerful healers who are feeling stuck or frustrated after becoming  a coach.


What makes it even harder is having to keep pretending your life is amazing so that your clients don’t think you’re a fraud. Have you ever felt like an imposter because you haven’t figured it all out yet?


You’re not alone!

Sara is actually one of our students and this is her true story. You’ll find out what happens with Sara by continuing to read this guide 😉


Her story illustrates a few major problems that are keeping so many coaches stuck. Let me walk you through them.




Problem #1: You are not 100% confident your coaching process is changing lives and it makes you doubt your career.

What happens if you don’t fix it:
If you don’t help your clients to get amazing results every single time, you will doubt your abilities. The truth is though, their issues live in the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind. Tips, tricks, encouragement and to-dos lists don’t result in powerful lasting transformation, only reprogramming the subconscious does. If you’ve seen your clients improving marginally but you want more for them, then coaching at the level of the conscious mind won’t cut, you’ll know this and the guilt of showing up but not providing the best possible support will eat away at you. Why? Because you’re a good person! You got into this coaching gig in the first place because you want to help people. This incongruence can lead to a lot of unhappiness and self-sabotage.


Problem #2: You cannot get consistent clients and revenue in your business

What happens if you don’t fix it:
If you don’t fix this part, truth be told, your business dies. Your business will be dependent on hustle and and sending more emails, and asking for more referrals, and bugging more of the people you’ve already bugged before. That is a totally unsustainable way to grow a coaching business and while it may work in the short-term, you’ll find it nearly impossible to keep it up that way. Plus, without proper training, once you raise your rates you’ll likely hear “no” even more often


Problem #3: You feel like a fraud and don’t know how you can help people when you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet.


What happens if you don’t fix it:
You will sabotage yourself from opportunities that could take your career to the nexts level. You will make excuses not to record videos, not to go live, basically, to stay small. The “imposter syndrome” is real and it has affected most coaches in some way.




The best advice I can give you is that you need to evolve to grow. Forget whatever got you to where you are now because the same tactics you used will NOT work to get you where you want to go.


The truth is, there’s not ONE single thing that’s keeping you from having the coaching business you want.


Every coach has a different mix of problems that will stop them from growing their practice or business. That being said, we ALL have similar core patterns that create business growth. You’ll struggle with at least one (more likely a few) of the 3 pillars that are necessary to create a thriving coaching business you’re proud of.


However, after serving over 5,000 individual CLIENTS and helping hundreds of coaches and healers take their business and life to the next level, I have identified three major pillars you MUST create in your business if you are ever going to accomplish that.




PILLAR 1: Help Your Clients Transform at the SubConscious Level

Prepare your client for success by cultivating confidence


The first step to changing your client’s life is making her so confident that her life WILL be changed, that that momentum itself will help her actually follow through and see results.


Your clients do NOT want a service.

Your clients do NOT want a session.

Your clients do NOT want a consultation.


Your clients want a BREAKTHROUGH.

An experience.


And breakthroughs very rarely happen by accident. Think about the last time you had a breakthrough that just dropped in your life without any trigger, one flash of inspiration in a random mundane moment that changed everything in your life forever? That totally CAN happen, but I guarantee it is the exception to the rule.


This means you need to adjust your language to help your client see her transformational experience before it even happens. Have her imagine what her life looks like after your work together. Have her close her eyes and feel what it feels like to be a new person, to have the body, the mind, the relationships she wants to have.


Whatever end-result you provide with your service, your client needs to feel what it feels like to get there BEFORE your work together.


If you study Hypnotherapy you will be an absolute master at this. In my Hypnotherapy School, I teach and provide my students with word-for-word scripts of my BEST client sessions and personally help you create your own so that your clients are confident and primed for success from their very first session with you.


Develop a bullet-proof process for getting client results


Easier said than done? Not if you’re focused on the subconscious mind, instead of the conscious mind..


Here’s why.


Most people coach by walking their customer through a process that is supposed to take them from A to B (B being the end-result you help them achieve) through individual coaching sessions.


If a few sessions go by and your customer isn’t yet on point B, here’s what happens:


  • Your customer thinks it’s not working.
  • You get frustrated that the client isn’t seeing results.


Both you and the client will be HOPING that next session will work and the doubt will just consume both of you in the process, making each session that goes by more and more tense, until either the client quits or worse, just “forgets” to schedule her next session and you never talk to her again!


To completely avoid that from happening, helping your clients get more results while getting paid what you deserve for your work, do this instead:


  • Before the coaching begins, INFORM your client:
    • How many sessions you think it will take for her to see the results she’s looking for, based on historical data of your previous sessions or your best professional estimate.
    • That the process likely won’t be a smooth upwards ride, like almost everything in life, she may experience moments of breakthrough and others of setback depending on what barriers or walls she must break at different points in the journey. Tell her to trust the process.


  • Sell packages of sessions based on your recommendations, instead of 1 session at a time:
    • Reframe the process by helping your client see that offering a single session would actually be a disservice to her, and if your client is serious about getting the results she wants, a package of X amount of sessions is your recommendation.
    • This will allow you to help your customers at a higher level while considerably raising your revenues.
    • In fact, from experience, I believe that NO coaching business can survive with only selling one-time sessions and hoping that their customers will come back again and again.


  • Acknowledge progress at every step, even if a 10% improvement.
    • If you are a health coach and your client needs to quit a sugar addiction, but she binged on chocolate last night, you need to find SOMETHING positive you can frame as progress, and then close the gap with the next step on the process. Perhaps it took her 30 minutes longer than normal for her to start binging. That means she was able to control herself for 30 minutes and then fell back on her habit. Now you can work on the reaction to what triggered her binge after those 30 minutes.
    • This will help your client not feel guilty for having “failed”, while you are able to continue working towards your end-result. Think about what that process would look like for YOUR clients.


At our Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, our students use a widely known published statistic that it takes an average of 6 sessions to experience a 93% improvement at any given topic with hypnotherapy.  By using that statistic and reframing the entire process to the client’s benefit, our students are able to close packages of 6-12 sessions anywhere from $1,500-$10,000, with over a 95% satisfaction rate.


Change your client’s mental patterns and conditioning instead of just giving them information (tips, tricks, action plans, checklists, etc.)


This is a huge problem in our industry. Strategies, tools, hacks, tips and tricks. That’s ALL we’re being presented with. Did you know that neuroscientists at Stanford, Harvard, and MIT have confirmed that over 90% of our brain activity is a vast collection of unintentional, habitual thoughts, behaviors and actions called the subconscious mind?


And did you know that the VAST majority of all coaching only reaches the conscious mind? Which means that even though we’re being given helpful information, that the process is not actually rewiring our thoughts and emotions in a way that it will actually change us for good?


Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven way to train your subconscious mind and according to most our clients and audience, to reach unheard of amounts of change in their lives. This technique, while still widely misunderstood, is on a rapid rise because of how many people are looking for non-invasive ways to heal simple or life-debilitating issues.


After conducting over 4,500 individual hypnotherapy sessions and seeing firsthand the depth and connection this work can reach, I believe every personal development professional MUST learn Hypnotherapy so that our industry is well served and clients see true lasting results.


As a Hypnotherapist, it is very common for you to witness tears of joy or emotional release fall on nearly every session. I would love for you to experience the same. I’ve never seen lives change so quickly the way they do with Hypnotherapy and I highly recommend getting a certification if you are looking for more depth and impact in your work.




Know EXACTLY who you want to serve


You need to niche your services so you get more of the customers you want, while repelling the customers you don’t want.


Things like “Find your purpose, Reach your potential, Get Healthy”… are just not enough!


Fill out the sentence below instead and you will be on your way:


“I help “audience” in “location/industry/area of focus” do/become/solve/overcome/achieve “challenge or aspiration.”’


It sounds simple, but you would be surprised by how few coaches do it and how you could set yourself apart in the marketplace by just making your services more specific, so that your clients know that YOU are the one to help with their specific problem.


Stop hoping for new clients – Create a repeatable and predictable system for lead generation


Does that seem overwhelming? Think about how overwhelming it is to NOT knowing if you can cover your expenses next month if you don’t hustle and get a new client out of thin air!


Creating a lead generation process may be the #1 lifeblood for a sustainable long-term business. The hard truth is, if you don’t have that, even if you’re doing well each month, you’re still swimming in uncertainty.


Predictable lead generation means not relying ONLY on referrals and networking to get more clients. That can only take you so far.


Automating your lead generation involves either organically attracting leads at a predictable rate  or even better, marketing funnels you can promote with paid advertising.

There is no one system that works for every single coach or wellness service. Learning, quickly implementing, testing, and enhancing is the only way to truly find out what works for your business.


At our Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, I provide students with my full blueprint on how to create resources that you can use to ascend customers into purchasing private sessions with you, and how you can create an optimal customer journey so that you’re serving more and making more money in the process.


Get LEVERAGE to charge MORE


The day has 24 hours and you can only make more money in two ways, Charging more or scaling your products/ services.


If you decide to scale your products/ services, you will need to either hire additional coaches to deliver your services, or you will need to create products (e.g online courses, memberships) that you can deliver automatically.


Charging more is the easiest and quickest way to increase your current revenues, but the only way your customers will pay for it is if they believe that the results you’re claiming to create will work for them and that they will get a return on their investment (which could take many forms). Have enough social proof and authority that the client would think it’s odd if you charge less than what you do.


Social proof hack: It’s not about how many testimonials you have or who they are from. It’s about how relevant that client experience is to your prospect and how much more they’ll believe your service will work for them. Instead of sending your website with a big list of testimonials, do this: send highly specific testimonial(s) that match your prospect’s background and needs as much as possible. Even better, send your prospect 1-3 references of clients who used to be in a in a very similar life-situation to your prospect.


Use press: With quality press, you’re able to be instantly positioned as an authority in your industry which will allow you to leverage it to raise your prices. For example, when I raised my rates from $250 to $500 for a 45-min session, I made the mistake of not sending my website with all the press I have to this prospect, and over the phone he told me the sessions were too expensive. After googling my name and looking over my website, he called me back and said “Oh, I didn’t know you were such a big deal”. That client was able to overcome his fear of flying and start visiting his family again!




Define the lifestyle you want to live – and obsessively and unapologetically, build your business around that.


I’m not saying that if your ideal lifestyle is hanging out on the beach with your laptop, that this is all you should do.


If the lifestyle you most desire involves traveling the world with your laptop, DO NOT sign a lease on a physical office, even if you feel like you need to do that in order to run a business.


If the lifestyle you want involves working less hours and making more money, and you know that’s possible, do not be afraid to work unapologetically to make that a reality. Others won’t understand it. They may tell you not to work so hard, or that you need to work harder…


Just know that if you don’t build your business around the lifestyle you want, your business will build your lifestyle for you. That means your customers’ needs will dictate how you can live your life. Instead, make sure your business is supporting the life YOU want to live and watch how much more fulfillment you get from the work you do.


Be 100% aligned with your practice.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before – but here’s what I know from experience. If you are living in a way that you don’t feel 100% aligned with the process or content you share, you will hit a WALL that will not let you get to the next level of growth. And if you are able to do it with pure hustle, you will not be equipped to handle challenges and obstacles that come your way.


At one point in my life, money was so tight that I could only think of how I’d get the next customer. I felt I had no mental space to even follow my own meditations or even practice the techniques I taught that very same day!


I was only able to get through that phase when I surrendered my own fears and began turning my life into an experiment of my own practices. Not only I was able to connect more with my audience, but the alignment brought me true freedom which I carry with me until today.




I call it the Grace Method and we teach at our Grace Space Hypnotherapy School.


[Add Box] If you are brand new to hypnotherapy, take a look at the “About” section of our website so that you can begin seeing the infinite possibilities of how it could help your clients and your business:


At our Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, we make you a Certified Hypnotherapist and cover how to absolutely rock the 3 pillars of an ELEVATED COACHING BUSINESS so that you experience true FREEDOM by having your coaching and healing skills transforming the world of your clients and YOUR own world.


They are:


  • Constantly Change Lives – With Hypnotherapy
  • Sustainable Business Success
  • Personal Fulfillment

This means hanging up the phone with a client and receiving texts about how AMAZING she feels after her session, it means having more clients booked than you’ve ever had before and having them tell their friends and family they HAVE to work with you, and having a REAL sense of purpose, like you’re going to bed and are really freakin proud of the work you do and how you’re impacting the world.








At this point in the guide, you may be excited to keep going or your head may be spinning. Because you are where you are in your own journey, whatever you’re feeling is TOTALLY fine.


My suggestion is, if this guide resonated with you, there’s a good chance that becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist could be the perfect next step for your career.


If you want to take the next step, I’ve got a video featuring people just like you and the results they’ve achieved through our program.


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