Alicia Amerson is a Grace Method Hypnotherapist, marine biologist, podcast host, and PMI certified Project Manager. She lives in San Diego, CA and graduated from Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2019. In 2014 she retired from a 15 year environmental project management career to travel the world and research sustainable whale-watching tourism while volunteering for various wildlife research projects along the way, and then started a conservation-based consulting business to heal human wildlife conflicts.

Alicia became a hypnotherapist because she had to overcome her own chronic stress to achieve her dreams. She realized over time that if she wanted to keep working in conservation that she needed to take time to relax, rejuvenate, and heal. Through hypnotherapy she experienced the powerful transformation that took her from from carrying high anxiety related to the negative plight of the earth and all biodiversity, to being able to create a new vision of abundance and forgiveness for the future of our planet and wildlife. “This transformational experience lead me to study hypnotherapy so I could help others learn how to do the same. With a new mindset focused on abundance I found that more opportunities continued to flow to me, and I am committed to helping others bring joy and peace into their lives.”

Alicia believes that each person is a dynamic and unique personal ecosystem, with the primal desire to survive. Each cell that makes up your body and each thought you create in your mind is part of that personal ecosystem. “I love the planning process associated with project management – and the idea of creating personal sustainability plans. This plan supports the personal ecosystem. Creating thoughts that align with the plan, such as “there is enough for all of us” and “every thought creates our reality” are the foundation of a sustainable life. Many people want to care for others and our planet, and to do that it’s necessary to eliminate the environmental guilt and shame created by the current news and social media streams. Hypnotherapy is a way to create the story about the future you desire, a powerful story written in your subconscious. And then you can easily and effortlessly live life according to that story and that plan.”

Alicia has a magnetic and warm personality. She approaches each session with high-level integrity, compassion, collaboration, and by creating a safe place for your unique self to flourish. She helps you create a plan for the life you desire and intuitively guides you through an adventure where that allows you to explore each place of your individuality, helping you to stay committed to your plan, trusting your intuition, and advancing your life and business.

“I grew up riding horses, taking care of dogs, and exploring the outdoors. Animals taught me a deeper understanding of nonverbal communication and how to trust my intuition. But learning about endangered species and poaching created a lot of anxiety for me as a young person. As an empath I understood that the animals have souls and feelings. As an adult I researched and read more about the human dimension of natural resource and wildlife issues. A new understanding and compassion for healing human suffering is necessary if global wildlife populations and habitats are to be saved. Through hypnotherapy there is a way to heal the suffering in all of us.”

Alicia earned a B.S. in Biology from Eastern New Mexico University and a M.A.S. in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She grew up in New Mexico where she rode and trained horses. She is dedicated to her yoga and self-hypnotherapy practice, her two mini australian shepherds, and her beloved partner Ben.


“Hypnotherapy makes me feel like I am fueling the tank for leaders who are already exhausted from giving it their all, and who need encouragement and permission to take a break and reconnect to their soul’s purpose so they can continue the journey with renewed vigor.”


  • Anxiety
  • Inner Child
  • Pet Loss (healing from or preparing for)
  • Animal Spirit Guides
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership
  • Develop eco-friendly and sustainable habits
  • Self Worth/Self Trust




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