Tricia Fishbune

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Tricia Fishbune is a certified hypnotherapist and life coach, graduating from Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2020. Prior to hypnotherapy, she worked as a sports journalist for three years after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In 2018, she quit her job after hitting her “rock bottom” and moved back home to figure out her next steps, realizing how unhappy and unfulfilled she was in her current job (…and life), despite checking off countless boxes up until that point.

She decided to dive head-first into personal development on a quest for fulfillment and guidance.

She stumbled upon Grace in a podcast, and that was the first time she felt a spark again. She knew that hypnotherapy was the answer. From that point on, she listened to Grace Space recordings every day. Before long, she went from sleeping for 14+ hours a day from burnout (yes, really) to finally having her energy, vitality and happiness back.

Instead of heading back into the sports world like she originally planned, Tricia enrolled in hypnotherapy school, knowing how many people can benefit from this work. She is committed to sharing the same transformative power with others.

Through hypnosis, Tricia was able to break through old patterns and limiting beliefs holding her back. She shifted from a state of victimhood to one of empowerment, she began to release the habit of always worrying what others thought.

She regained her self worth which dramatically improved her relationship with herself and others, she finally began to work through sexual assault and the painful aftermath, she achieved a healthier and more balanced lifestyle through the lens of self love, and started living her life with purpose and intention.

By changing her inner subconscious beliefs, her life completely transformed!

Hypnotherapy completely debunks the myth that you have to work harder to accomplish your goals and help people achieve their desired results more easily and effortlessly by helping them break free from the things getting in their way.” – Tricia


I get to see clients step into their worth and begin to live their dream lives all by loosening the reigns and diving deeper within themselves. Seeing their success is incredibly rewarding and inspiring.” -Tricia


  • Self Worth/Self Love 
  • Sports Performance
  • Finding Fulfillment in Life
  • Self Discipline/Productivity
  • Weight Loss
  • Dating


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