Tiff Zapico

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Tiff Zapico has worked in the world of service for her entire career. Prior to becoming a Grace Space Hypnotherapist she served as an Executive Director of a NYC based nonprofit.

Luckily, her humanitarian journey brought her to the world of health and wellness where she began her studies as a hypnotherapist. Her specialities include supporting high achievers in beating the burn out and embodying a deeper connection to their intuition and confidence.

She deeply understands the life of executive leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers. She also specializes in weight loss as she believes when people are in acute physical pain it limits their ability to work on their emotional, intellectual and spiritual parts.

Tiff believes working in the subconscious mind is essential to truly overcome limiting beliefs and living a beautiful magnificent life.

She is proud to support the Grace Space Mission of making hypnotherapy mainstream so more people can close their eyes and get free! She proudly serves as an Instructor at Grace Space Hypnotherapy School and supports all students in completing their coursework.

“Through hypnotherapy, clients heal wounds, make amazing discoveries and gain greater understanding into their life’s purpose. The journey into the subconscious mind is always full of adventures that serve the client’s highest and greatest good!” -Tiff


I love being a hypnotherapist because of the many transformations I have witnessed occur in my clients’ lives. ” -Tiff


  • Weight Loss
  • Wealth Consciousness
  • Leadership Presence


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