Soo Cho

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

My story is unique, just like yours. A couple of years ago, I found myself coping with alcohol and cigarettes. I had also developed an eating disorder. It seemed like all there was around me were unhealthy relationships, and there was no way out. It felt like I was suffocating.

One day, on a flight, I stumbled upon a podcast episode where Grace was talking about all of the benefits of hypnotherapy. Desperate for change, I decided to sign up for a 7-day hypnosis challenge. Over the next month I noticed that I felt lighter, calmer, and for the first time in a long time, hope. 

I was witnessing my own transformation right before my eyes. For me, hypnotherapy was life-altering and I also learned how powerful it is. From then on, I became committed to changing not only my life but also others’ lives with hypnosis/hypnotherapy.


The entire process of uncovering the root issue and gaining clarity is inspirational for me. Holding and allowing the space for lasting changes to take place is hands down the most fulfilling job I could ever do. I LOVE watching other’s step into their power.

I know that helping one person is actually helping their families + friends and that my work as a hypnotherapist expands beyond the scope of just me and the client.


I love being a hypnotherapist because I get to witness powerful transformations. It is so incredibly rewarding to facilitate massive upgrades for others on a subconscious level. ” -Soo


  • Organization & Tidiness
  • Procrastination


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