Shama Dhanani is a Grace Method Hypnotherapist, soul coach and a certified Oneness meditation teacher. She first graduated as a Grace Method hypnotist in 2014, and in 2015, she retired from a 19 year finance career taking her hypnosis practice full time, eventually advancing to hypnotherapist and currently enrolled for Past Life Regression training.

Shama became a hypnotherapist because of “how freeing it feels to finally break old patterns and begin living with more consistent trust in myself, cultivating the courage to learn how to build a business, having better relationships and communicating authentically. I’m finally living life fully and I want others to know how easily they can do the same.”

In her experience, “It’s a process of unlearning what doesn’t contribute to your unique personality and life, then reinforcing the thoughts, beliefs and actions that support your personal vision and dreams. My first few sessions of hypnosis helped me see the choices that really supported who I am and realize the ways I was used to suppressing myself. I worked hard to create a better life for myself than the environment I was in and I was doubting and holding myself back without realizing it!

Through hypnosis, I un-learned those limitations and began working towards creating a life with what I wanted in it, not just to meet the expectations of family, friends or professional peers. I healed the trauma of my youth from child abuse, being different in school, and cleared the guilt of being hard on myself for walking away from a marriage where I was settling. I reclaimed my confidence, began to trust myself and speak up for myself, which helped me move up the corporate ladder twice, then take the leap to start my own business. I transformed my relationships with my parents and my siblings to ones where we actually speak and hear each other better.”

Shama approaches her work and life with a high level of integrity and compassion, creating a safe and comfortable space to uncover and reinforce your unique strengths. As a practiced intuitive and empath, Shama has a keen ability to hone in on patterns and energetic blind spots to transform any perceived challenge, doubt, insecurity or fear into compassionate courageous steps towards your goal. Her clients have shared that “she guides you through hypnosis to create practical and personal fulfillment, with a sassy, tell-it-like-it-is warmth.”



“I help my clients recognize and strengthen the amazing skills, qualities and resources they already have within them, and may have hidden or suppressed from even themselves. It’s not something I give or teach, it’s something they reclaim through this support.”


  • Communicate Courageously
  • Self Trust & Confidence
  • Entrepreneur Success Mindset
  • Valuing Yourself in Any Relationship
  • Develop Intuition & Spirituality
  • Life Transitions (Personal & Professional)
  • Safety Expressing Unique Talents and Gifts