Kristine Austin

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Kristine Austin lives in Boynton Beach, FL and graduated from Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2020. In addition, Kristine completed Yoga Teacher Training and Spirit Junkie Masterclass in 2014. She is on a mission to guide people be their best selves ~ their highest light.

She is a mom of boys also running a business alongside her husband.

After losing her son in 2014 she went on a deep healing journey. She stumbled upon Grace Smith TV (now known as Grace Space) via en email in 2015 and has been following and learning from her ever since.

“Hypnotherapy has allowed me to unlearn many of the old stories that were holding me back. I was able to stand up for what I believe and go for my dreams. I have been able to create closure around the death of my son and also stop panic attacks once and for all.

I am a firm believer in the power and healing of hypnotherapy and I can’t wait to help you do the same.”


I love seeing people connect to themselves and know they can heal via the gentle process that is hypnotherapy. I feel great helping others and seeing them thrive and be in their light.” -Kristine


  • Improve Intuition
  • Connect to Higher Self


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