Katie Crooks

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Katie lives just outside London in the UK. She has been a voice teacher and professional vocalist since 2002 and has always sought ways to help people flourish and evolve in their own practice. From her personal experience as both a performer and voice coach, she immediately realised that if only people could find a way to heal their limiting beliefs about themselves from a deeper place, they could stop self sabotaging and thrive so much more in everything they do, not just singing.
She set out on a 18 year search for answers and along the way gained a Masters degree in Musical Theatre performance, did a stint as a professional actor/musician, another Masters Degree in the practice of Spoken Voice and Singing (where she researched the relationship between the voice, stress and the body-mind connection) and started a swing band. Throughout it all she realised how closely physical and vocal issues can be related to anxiety, emotion and stress.
It was as if voice work had been leading her all along into a deeper journey of discovery which directed her to Grace and the life changing effect of hypnotherapy. One session shifted everything and a lightbulb went on!

Katie realised that the creative processes she’d spent much of her life experiencing or teaching was far closer to hypnosis than she expected. The hypnotic state, it transpired, felt surprisingly similar to being deeply focussed in the creative zone!
Katie completed her training at Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2020. She has seen her own confidence shift and grow in every aspect of her life during this process; her business, her band, her health, relationships and happiness. More importantly, she now has the privilege and honour to help so many more people unlock their confidence and heal limitations in ways that were once unimaginable.


I love being a hypnotherapist because there is nothing more uplifting to me than giving someone space and guidance to shift old habits and beliefs so they get to embrace their lives more fully. I feel that it’s a privilege to guide people through this wonderful work because the resources come from within each person and I love how unique every person’s journey of transformation is.” -Katie


  • My main area of focus is the voice; helping speakers, singers, and all those who want to feel confident and safe using their voice. But I’m keen to work in all areas, the broader the experience of helping people, the better.


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