Jenna Bonfield DeFord

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Jenna lives in Colorado and attended Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2019. She was brought on this path after fourteen years in the medical field and Public Health. Her compassion was fatigued after serving in institutions that limited her ability to help patients beyond physical means.

The high-stress environment wore on her self-esteem and eventually on her physical body. She first turned to yoga where her mentor sparked a thirst for healing modalities. Within this community, a student shared their positive experiences with hypnosis. She was unaware of what to expect from the hypnosis experience but during the first session she says “it felt like coming home to myself.” 

Jenna was able to reawaken and strengthen her confidence, compassion, and effortlessly manage her chronic back pain without medications. She has seen hypnosis change her life, as well as her family’s. With enthusiasm, she can reach more patients/clients and do more of the exercise and outdoor activities she loves.

Jenna knew that these incredible experiences needed to be available to everyone and to become apart of the movement to spread access to hypnosis care. She is passionate about hypnosis and its ability to help anyone in any walk of life.

Through hypnosis and her kind easygoing presence, she cultivates a safe space to unlearn old self-beliefs and create new ones that serve your highest potential and goals. She is eager to guide you to bring about the greatest version of yourself.

It is her privilege and honor to participate in your life empowering experience filled with possibilities.


I can guide clients on a transformative journey. Hypnosis awakens your ability of self-creation and empowerment. The experience offers mental spaciousness with room to grow fulfilling habits for anyone.” -Jenna


  • Fertility/family
  • Planning Pregnancy
  • Social Anxiety
  • Pain Management
  • Managing Illness

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