Hannah Weber

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Hannah discovered hypnotherapy through, what she describes as, divine intervention. In early 2019, Hannah was struggling so badly with daily anxiety that she decided one day to quit her corporate job in pursuit of peace and joy in her life.

She enrolled in a yoga teacher training and left it up to the universe to guide the way. Toward the end of the training she began to wonder what the next step of this healing journey was and just like that the entire yoga teacher training went to the Grace Space office for a group hypnosis with Grace.

When she felt anxiety-free following the group hypnosis session, Hannah knew she had discovered the missing puzzle piece in hypnotherapy. Hypnosis allowed her to free her mind and recondition unhelpful beliefs in her subconscious.

Sharing this tool with rest of the world and helping others like her recondition subconscious patterns and beliefs so that they can live more peaceful and joyful lives, became her life’s purpose.


“it means I can be a part of restoring hope in others that they CAN feel better, this fills my cup everyday.” Hannah


  • Anxiety/panic attacks
  • Obsessive/negative thoughts
  • Support for expecting or new moms


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