Sara lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a mom of twin sons and graduated from Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2018. She has been exploring personal development training and spiritual growth principles for quite some time.

She completed her first life coach core training with the Coaches Training Institute back in 2003 and has since completed life coach training with Martha Beck, parent coach training with the Jai Institute for Parenting, as well as law of attraction training for life and business with Michael Losier.

While Sara is well versed in a variety of powerful personal growth tools, she feels that hypnotherapy is, by far, the best tool that exists for creating lasting change on the deepest level.

In her own words, “Hypnotherapy has given me the most profound transformation and healing my life has ever seen. I used to have this feeling like there was something inherently wrong with me that I just couldn’t fix. Hypnotherapy helped me realize and internalize the truth that I was never broken and that all the things I thought were wrong about me are actually what make me amazing! I’d never felt so safe and free to be who I am before this came into my life.”

Sara creates a remarkably safe space for her clients to stay committed to their desired changes, while also allowing her clients to be seen and heard throughout the process.

Her approach combines both spiritual and practical principles that allow her clients to stay committed to their transformation, trust their intuition and upgrade their lives and businesses.

“I have seen over and over again that positive change naturally unfolds when the pain of staying the same outweighs the fear of the unknown. I love guiding my clients through that process of transmuting pain into personal power as well as fear into fuel and fun.”


“I get to help my clients walk home to themselves. In all my years as a coach and personal development mentor, I’ve never had this much fun working with clients. The results are amazing every time. Hypnotherapy is truly the most pleasurable and powerful way you can create lasting change in your life.”


  • Money Mindset
  • Business Success
  • Discovering and Following Your Passion
  • Healing Trauma