Thank you so much for your interest in hiring me to be your Executive HypnoCoach – I am deeply honored. 

There is nothing I love more than to watch a human being dig deep into their unique subconscious programming, totally dismantle what is limiting them, and condition in a new, deeply ingrained level of mastery they once only dreamed of.

I am thrilled for you and the transformation you will experience as a result of introducing private hypnotherapy sessions into your life..

That having been said… 

Private sessions with me are not for everyone. In fact, they are not for most: 

What this means is…I do not offer traditional hypnotherapy sessions any longer. 
If you are looking to shed 15 pounds or overcome your fear of flying, amazing! I can certainly help you overcome these areas, but only within a much larger context of personal and professional mastery. 

Rather than working with me directly,  my team is right for you if… 

You have one specific problem you want to focus on and are not currently interested in a holistic approach 
You want to experience hypnosis with just a few sessions before making a larger investment in your mental health 
An investment of $24k – $100k is out of your price range

As Founder & CEO of Grace Space Hypnosis, my mission is to make hypnosis mainstream so while I currently do not offer support for such specific areas any more, I made sure that anyone could access hypnotherapy resources because mainstream means that everyone will have access to the life transforming power of hypnosis.

If working directly with me is not a fit for you right now, I have powerful digital recordings and have trained brilliant hypnotherapists who provide affordable private hypnotherapy phone sessions all over the world. 

You can browse our app + digital library of hypnosis recordings below: 


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 12.52.29 PM


CEO-life, Mom-life and a commitment to my own Big-Bold-Beautiful-life keep me pretty busy, which is why I’ve opened up a limited number of private spaces by invitation only.

I am right for you if… 

You are or want to be the best in the world at what you do. 

You desire to live an even more exemplary life.

You desire to leave a legacy you’re proud of. 

You compete or desire to compete at the highest levels of your career / career / passion project. 

You understand that your subconscious mind is impacting your every thought, action, habit… and you simply can’t go another day without intentionally working to upgrade and master yours. 

In addition, my rockstar (sometimes literally) clients are spiritual.  They want to teach their children to be good people, to be of service to the world, to make as much money as they’re capable of making, and then to impact the world with their incredible resources. 

They desire to enjoy the big bold beautiful lives they’ve built, free from anxiety. 

My clients have an inner drive to be one thing – extraordinary.

While I’ve worked with Olympic athletes, Academy Award winning actors, top government officials, and some of the most prestigious family names in the world, the vast majority of my private clients are Founders, CEOs, & Entrepreneurs.  

This might be because I myself am a founder, CEO & Entrepreneur and we typically feel drawn to people who understand us. 

If you built, own and/or run a 7+ figure business, I understand you.

I want to help you reach your next level of mastery, peace, confidence, contentedness and self-love so that you can go out there as the very best version of yourself, and give this world everything you’ve got. 

What is my “holistic approach” as opposed to the traditional “topic based” hypnotherapy approach? 

My staff hypnotherapists continue to use the traditional topic based approach… it’s a great approach! But at its heart is the desire to fix one isolated issue, not to lead masterful life. 

A study by Alfred Barrios, PhD which was later reprinted in American Health Magazine found the following outcomes to be the average: 

600 Sessions of Psychotherapy results in 38% improvement 

22 Sessions of Behavioral Therapy results in 72% improvement 

6 Sessions of Hypnotherapy results in 93% improvement!

Hypnosis is not magic, it is a processing of rewiring your brain, creating new neural connections so that old, unhelpful ones can weaken. That being said, it is certainly the most powerful and efficient way to transform your life. 

In 90 days together we will be able to tackle approximately two areas of your life that you want to completely rehaul, while taking a holistic approach. Think of it like a tree, the physical manifestation of an issue are the branches. 


Examples of branch issues:


Yelling at your spouse

Fear of flying

Nail biting


The trunk either exacerbates the branches, or temporarily decreases it “turns them down” 


Examples of trunk issues:




Stress and anxiety increase, all the branches get activated and become worse. You go on vacation and the trunk calms down? Sometimes it’s as if the branches aren’t even there anymore… until you get home and miss the subway on a crowded, hot Monday morning. 


All branches and all trunks can be healed and transformed when we put our focus on the roots… the issues which we can’t see with the naked eye, but which are running the show from the level of the subconscious. 


Examples of the root issues: 

Lack of self Love 

Lack of self-worth 

Lack of Self-Confidence 


The truth is, if you hack off one limb without healing the root, we know another will just grow. This has been proven by the number of studies showing how common it is for gastrobypass surgery patients to become addicted to alcohol or sex or shopping after their surgery…the “branch” was fixed because the stomach can now only hold a small amount of food… but the root issue was not healed, and so another branch grows in it’s stead.  “Addiction transfer, or cross addiction, after bariatric surgery occurs when individuals trade compulsive eating for other compulsive behaviors.” Review study here.

My holistic approach is one where we approach our work keeping in mind the branch, the trunk and, most importantly, the root.



Remembering that, on average, 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy result in an average of 93% improvement, in 90 days we will complete transform at least two major areas of pain or suffering in your life. Imagine not only being completely free of your nail biting habit, but also free from the OCD / anxiety based triggers that cause the nail biting in the first place. Imagine being totally free from that old fear of flying, enjoying your new found love seeing the world, while also being free from the fear of death that caused the fear of flying. Imagine breaking now the self-sabotage that has kept you from your rightful place in the corner office, and from enjoying meaningful, loving relationships, and from treating you body kindly with nourishing foods… having created a foundation for self-love and appreciation in your subconscious that was never there before. In 90 days together, we create this new foundation, this new neural network in your mind, and approximately 2 previous areas of unshifting-no-matter-what-you-did pain points in your life, will be unrecognizable. 


This program will provide you with everything from the 90 Day Foundation program, with 3 additional monthly sessions for extended support. 

This is program is fabulous for actors who have just landed a career-defining role; a powerful foundation will be laid while you’re in rehearsals and research mode, and you’ll received continued support when shooting begins. Also great if you’re launching a new product or company or and desire support through the various stages of getting your new baby out into the world. This is also a great choice for those going through a dramatic change in lifestyle, becoming a parent, newly divorced, starting a brand new career, empty nest, newly sober, the death of a loved one. This program will see you through the various ups and downs of this transitory time so that you can return to yourself, feel calm, confident and at peace with life, as you learn to live masterfully in a whole new world. 


The total and complete overhaul of the subconscious mind so that you can live a masterful life in every single area. This program tackles all unhelpful beliefs formed in childhood, all traumas experienced throughout life, major pain points you’ve done everything to try and breakthrough to no avail, a deep integration of confidence so that it becomes a innate part of your being in the areas you need it most (true confidence is quiet and calm, there is no arrogance), and finally, but most importantly, a deep focus on self-love and actualization. The “resolve remaining ‘branch’ issues” is similar to what is discussed in the 90Day program. After these 10 months, you will know what it feels like to cultivate heaven on Earth and to life there. 

In addition the following frame work we will spend 1 full day together every 90 days, either in-person in Vero Beach, Florida, or over Zoom (our virtual conferencing software) or for an additional fee I can travel to you. 

With the INTENSIVE coaching level, we will transform: 

Inner Child
2 months 





Limiting Beliefs
2 months 

Imposter Syndrome 

Not smart enough 

Not loveable enough 

Not good enough 

Self-Love & Actualization
2 months

Your Highest Self 

Your Legacy 

Your Power 

Your Heart

Remaining Branch Issues
2 months 

Any habits, thoughts, emotional responses that aren’t serving you that still need to be released, transformed and replaced. 

2 months 






90 Days

1 session per week for 90 days 

$20,000 in-full 

$8,000 / month for 3 months


180 days

1 session per week for 90 days 

1 session per month for 3 months 

$24,000 in-full 

$5,000 / month for 6 months


300 days

1 Full Session per week for 40 weeks 

1 Mini Session (or recording) per week for 40 weeks 

3 in-person or Zoom full day intensives 

$90,000 in-full 

$10,000 / month for 10 months

Want to work with Grace?

If your application is reviewed and I believe we could be a good fit for one another, you and I will hop on a call so that I can answer any questions and help you decide which program is right for you. At that point we will send you a link to process your investment.