Camarie Greenwald

Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Camarie had been working towards becoming a stenographer for nine years while working long hours as a waitress. She had attempted to pass the California Court Reporters Exam multiple times, always without success.


After putting so much time and effort into a profession that felt less and less appealing, she felt stuck in a rut, depressed, a little bit hopeless and lost, and was truly unsure if stenography was the right profession for her. When she came across a webinar for Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, she knew nothing about hypnotherapy. 

That quickly changed, and Grace’s enthusiasm for hypnotherapy was contagious. After the webinar, Camarie felt excited at the thought of being part of a profession that makes such an incredible, positive impact; a profession that allows freedom and creativity.


After two weeks of careful consideration, she decided to take a leap of faith, dive in, and create a new path for herself. She has not looked back for a moment. Camarie never regrets the years she spent in stenography school because they are what led her to this wonderful, fulfilling profession. She is proud to be a certified hypnotherapist who is helping to change the world.


I get to help people change their lives in ways that they may have never imagined possible. Hearing the positive results my clients experience and the awe in their voices when they realize these changes have occurred truly makes me happy.” -Camarie


  • Anxiety
  • Self-Confidence


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