Certified Grace Method Hypnotherapist

Brooke Baraz resides in Napa California and graduated from the Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2019. Brooke’s drive to enter the world of Hypnotherapy was sparked after reading “Close Your Eyes Get Free”, written by the CEO of the school, Grace Smith. This lead to a daily practice of Self-Hypnosis, and Brooke quickly learned how quickly and seemingly without effort, she could change her perspective on life and her own ability to change. Brooke is committed to helping others overcome undesirable habits and behaviors and empowering them with the tools to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Brooke’s approach to Hypnotherapy can be described as Firm with a healthy balance of compassion and a heaping tablespoon of “get the job done”. Brooke’s delivery allows the client to open up to new possibilities of personal growth, which fosters a lasting change. Brooke will patiently guide you through a session, by creating the best possible environment which optimizes healing and personal growth.

Brooke began her healing career as a massage therapist in 1990, working in several 5 star resorts throughout the Napa Valley. While healing clients on the massage table, she attended community college, studying criminal justice and later completing the Police Academy. Brooke continued her Law Enforcement career as a Police Officer, where her healing talents afforded her the ability to work with the community and teach children at their schools about the dangers seen in society. Brooke excelled in a variety of assignments including teaching defensive tactics to fellow officers. Brooke’s passion for Law Enforcement was ultimately overshadowed by her drive to be a full-time wife, and enjoy the most difficult job in the world, as a stay-at-home mom. Where Brooke resigned from Law Enforcement, she has never lost that “Can do” or “Get the Job done” mindset, and uses all of her life experiences to help all whom she comes across. Brooke will meet you with feeling of personal knowing, broad understanding and of complete acceptance.

Being a police officer may seem the polar opposite from being a hypnotherapist, but they are more alike than most realize. Serving a community and being in the position to respond to people when they need you the most ………


“showing people how easy it is to enjoy themselves and live at their highest potential is the reason I became a hypnotherapist. Helping people move past a life long struggles or habits in just a few months is priceless.” Brooke


  • Self-Confidence
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Youth Development


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